Quality Finnish wall frames, photo and picture frames. All our frames have been manufactured in Finland.


Eiri Kehkset - we are a small family business from Lahti, Finland

Our frames are Finnish quality work. Different photo frames are made at our frame workshop in Lahti, using Finnish raw materials whenever possible.


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About ordering our products

Guidelines for ordering Eiri Kehykset photo frame from the online shop.

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Quality photo frames made in Finland with over 60 years of experience. Picture frames made of wood, metal and plastic are available.

Wooden photo frames

Wooden photo frames

We have a wide selection of wooden photo frames in our Eiri Kehykset online shop, including our popular Decora frames.

Metal photo frames

Metal photo frames

Browse through a wide selection of metal photo frames in the Eiri Kehykset online shop. Colours: gold, silver.

Frames for posters

Frames for posters

Shop frames for your posters, art prints and large photo prints. We have frames for all poster sizes.

Diploma frames

Diploma frames

Your diplomas and certificates look amazing in Eiri Kehykset photo frames! Buy directly from our online shop.



Contact us!

Contact us if you have any questions on for example our products or using the online shop.



How to measure the size of the frame?

The frame size mentioned in the Eiri online store always means the inside dimension of the frame. If the frame size is 18x24 cm, it means that the maximum size of the image / photo can be 18x24 cm.



What is included in the price of the frame?

The product always includes, unless otherwise stated:
• glass
• background
• the backrest is 24x30cm and smaller in frames (not A4)
• hangers for wall mounting are in all frames


What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is € 40. Free shipping on orders over 150 €! Once you have selected all the frames you want and any picture boards or pasps, etc. in them, go to ordering in the shopping cart and follow the instructions.


What is paspis?

Paspis (Passepartout), or picture board, is an open cardboard around an image that makes framing more spectacular and isolates the image from the glass. Our Paspis color range is: white and black. 
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What if I can't find a suitable picture frame?

If you do not find the frame model you like, please let us know. We want to complement our range with the products our customers want. In addition, we have the opportunity to offer you 10,000 different frame designs, as the world is full of options!


What means of payment do we use?

You can pay with debit or credit cards and a Klarna account. Retailers will receive the right to wholesale upon request.
If ordering causes difficulties, we will be happy to help, call 0404 863 920 Juha Miikkulainen or send an inquiry to sales@eirikehitused.fi. We serve on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm.We can’t always answer calls, but leave a message.
You cannot send us text messages.